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NFL Players


Player Pos Team Add to MySquad
Aaron Rodgers QB [field_team_abbr] Sn 
AJ McCarron QB [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Alex Smith QB [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Andrew Luck QB [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Andy Dalton QB [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Ben Roethlisberger QB [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Blaine Gabbert QB [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Blake Bortles QB [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Cam Newton QB [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Carson Wentz QB [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Case Keenum QB [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Dak Prescott QB [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Derek Carr QB [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Deshaun Watson QB [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Drew Brees QB [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Eli Manning QB [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Jameis Winston QB [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Jared Goff QB [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Jimmy Garoppolo QB [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Joe Flacco QB [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Josh McCown QB [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Kirk Cousins QB [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Marcus Mariota QB [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Matt Ryan QB [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Matthew Stafford QB [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Mitchell Trubisky QB [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Patrick Mahomes QB [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Philip Rivers QB [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Russell Wilson QB [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Ryan Tannehill QB [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Sam Bradford QB [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Tom Brady QB [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Tyrod Taylor QB [field_team_abbr] Sn 

Running Backs

Player Pos Team Add to MySquad
Alex Collins RB [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Carlos Hyde RB [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Christian McCaffrey RB [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Dalvin Cook RB [field_team_abbr] Sn 
David Johnson RB [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Derrius Guice RB [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Devonta Freeman RB [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Devontae Booker RB [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Dion Lewis RB [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Ezekiel Elliott RB [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Isaiah Crowell RB [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Jamaal Williams RB [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Jay Ajayi RB Sn 
Jeff Wilson RB [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Jerick McKinnon RB [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Joe Mixon RB [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Jordan Howard RB [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Kareem Hunt RB Sn 
Kenyan Drake RB [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Kerryon Johnson RB [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Lamar Miller RB [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Le'Veon Bell RB [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Leonard Fournette RB [field_team_abbr] Sn 
LeSean McCoy RB [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Mark Ingram RB [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Marlon Mack RB [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Marshawn Lynch RB [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Melvin Gordon RB [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Rashaad Penny RB [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Ronald Jones RB [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Saquon Barkley RB [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Sony Michel RB [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Todd Gurley RB [field_team_abbr] Injury Update Sn 

Wide Receivers

Player Pos Team Add to MySquad
A.J. Green WR [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Allen Robinson WR [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Alshon Jeffery WR [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Amari Cooper WR [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Antonio Brown WR [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Brandin Cooks WR [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Corey Davis WR [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Davante Adams WR [field_team_abbr] Sn 
DeAndre Hopkins WR [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Demaryius Thomas WR [field_team_abbr] Sn 
DeVante Parker WR [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Devin Funchess WR [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Doug Baldwin WR [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Jamison Crowder WR [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Jarvis Landry WR [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Julian Edelman WR [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Julio Jones WR [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Keenan Allen WR [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Kelvin Benjamin WR [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Larry Fitzgerald WR [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Marqise Lee WR [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Marvin Jones WR [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Michael Crabtree WR Sn 
Michael Thomas WR [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Mike Evans WR [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Odell Beckham Jr. WR [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Pierre Garcon WR [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Robby Anderson WR [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Stefon Diggs WR [field_team_abbr] Sn 
T.Y. Hilton WR [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Terrance Williams WR [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Tyreek Hill WR [field_team_abbr] Sn 

Tight Ends

Player Pos Team Add to MySquad
Austin Hooper TE [field_team_abbr] Sn 
Austin Seferian-Jenkins TE [field_team_abbr] Sn 


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